The Gomel Group works with our clients in their Service Management needs; from providing staff augmentation to outsourcing, to providing the right tools to support their environments. Below are partnerships we’ve established to help service our clients’ many needs.

4me is the first enterprise service management application specifically built to support the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach. It allows the internal and external service providers of an enterprise to collaborate while 4me keeps track of the service levels. They also offer, by far, the fastest global response times and the most user-friendly interface, support a full range of IT and Enterprise Service Management capabilities alongside strong Project and Portfolio Management.

From retail to telco, from finance to agencies, Sweetspot is able to automate integration of the digital and offline data most relevant to you. With the flexibility required to create truly reflective customized multi-source indicators, and the collaborative functionalities to encourage strong team decision-making, Sweetspot allows you to take action faster.

TransparentChoice helps organizations measure and understand how their projects (live and potential) support their strategic goals. This leads to better decisions about projects and resources, decisions with stronger buy-in, helping them deliver more value from their portfolio. Strategically aligning your portfolio is a critical part of delivering value, yet organizations often struggle with delivering alignment due to a lack of tools. TransparentChoice’s software provides strategic alignment, identifies waste and helps you deliver more successful projects.